Bliss Cafe Arts & Music Event

An amazing morning at Bliss Cafe with amazing food, music, art, and a bunch of lovely people. Thanks to everyone who came down to check our art at Bliss Cafe this morning as well as the Shabang last night, and a special thanks to Rowan McGuire and Michael Mitchell for the groovy jams this morning.

If you haven't been to Bliss Cafe in downtown San Luis Obispo, then we recommend you stop by sometime. Bliss has several plant-based and gluten-free food as well as smoothies and bowls that are so rejuvenating!


The Nomadic Team had a blast this weekend at the Beaverstock Music and Arts Festival held at the Castoro Cellars Vineyard. We displayed our art in the Artists Grove and passed out our Focus token to remind the festival goers to help us keep Beaverstock clean! The music was incredible, the food was amazing, and good times were had, but it's time to pack up the cars again because the Nomads are off to Unify Festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico! Check out some photography from this weekend by our team member Nate Ross below! 

Dear DOCTa Nick

Dear Docta Nick,

Thank you for being you and doing what you do! Your passion for Essential Oil Wizardry is a token of inspiration for so many people. Your knowledge has helped Nomadic Artifacts in ways that can not be explained, but only experienced. Your contribution to our adventure has allowed us to impact people in ways that would not have been possible without you. We have seen love radiate through your art and touch the hearts of those that have received such a wonderful gift.

Don't ever stop being you. Hope to see you soon.

-The Nomads

Learn more about Dr. Nick and what he does here.


Mystic Rising Festival

Noah Tillmann and I ventured up to Ashland, Oregon this past weekend for the Mystic Rising festival. The car looked like a game of tetris, but the 8 hour journey from San Luis Obispo, California was well worth it. Beautiful colors, vibrations, and energy surged through the festival all weekend as the music played throughout the day, At night people danced and sung, and shared stories around the campfire. Yoga and Hot Spring sessions in the morning weren't bad either. This festival was located at Jackson Hot Springs - a historic Native American site that symbolized and functioned as a place of healing especially for child bearing mothers. A super powerful space where there is a lot of love and creativity. If you have the chance to visit Ashland and The Hot Springs I highly recommend it! 

- Nate Ross

Mystic Rising


Volleyball IN Africa

I want to share with you a story about an Inspirational leader in our community.

Her name is Genia.

Genia holds herself accountable to empower people through the sport of volleyball. (Volleyball is her passion.) Going down to the local volleyball courts in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina and teaching anyone willing to learn is where you can find her most of the time. But she has taken it to the next level.

Genia has left the comfort of her island to go to Africa. Why might she go to Africa? To play volleyball of course! The only problem, there are no volleyball courts where she wants to play. So what does she do? She motivated 30 people to hop on a plane, fly to Africa and build volleyball courts for their local communities.

From my perspective she has done something more than just empower people through the sport of volleyball. She has proven that with passion, a goal and a team, you can accomplish things that might be thought of as not accomplish-able.

Thanks Mom.

-Logan Leggs

Pirates Cove Clean Up

Nomadic team member Logan Leggs talking about the beach clean up at the end of our successful day. Thank you to all who came out and helped us clean the beach, your efforts are greatly appreciated!

Captain Lee

We met captain lee at kelsey see canyon winery several weeks ago, and we connected with him and exchanged our art for a boat ride! Lee took us out our team on the water this morning. After launching from port san luis we in the presence of dolphins, sea otters, and a breaching whale all in the time of about thirty minutes. What a great experience we all shared. Captain lee represents "Seaweed express" boat tours that is part of Avila Beach Boat Charters company. If you have a chance to connect with Lee, you won't regret it!

Photos from the morning!