My name is logan leggs. I am a traveler, a teacher, an inspirational leader and really anything that  I  want to be.

I create art with intent, in the form of rock wraps and key chains. My goal is that my art is a token of my story.

My story,  I  travel around the united states,  I  live out of my car and  I  do everything  I  want to. I collect all the materials  I  create my art with and  I  share stories about where  I  have come from and how  I  got to where  I  am now.

I am a teacher because  I  am a student. I learn from other travelers along the way. And  I  hold myself accountable for sharing good information with other people so when they decide they want to travel they don't have to be afraid of the unknown. 

I am an inspirational leader because of my being a teacher. As  I  teach people about how you can survive without the need for money and experience all of lives wanders. My students become traveler friends who are on the road somewhere creating their own inspirational stories. Creating their own art and finding the keys to happiness.

We can't find happiness if we don't search for it. And we can think about how we want to be happy all the time but until we truly let go of all fear, let go of all attachment, let go of all negative energy holding us back from our ultimate potential, until then, we are just sitting dormant. Allowing yesterday to control our tomorrow.

Today is the day that will effect our tomorrow. Are the things you are doing today making you happy today? If no they probably will never help you be happy in the future. So take off your name badge, stop chasing money so you can travel next year. Get in your car and go. Leave the job, leave the rent for the apartment you don't really want and go. Find an amazing place that makes you smile every morning when you wake up. Meet people that will inspire you to try new things. Explore our world and find a "Token of inspiration" for yourself. Life is not about the job, it's not about a nice car. It's about love and love has infinite perspectives.

Find what you love, find what motivates you, find who you are and when you do, you are contributing to the universal bank of good energy.

If we lived in a society where everyone loved themselves because they woke up with the intent of being happy, then we will live in a happy society where everyone loves themselves.... I would really like that.