Cleaning Holiday

Well, It happened again.

70 people helped us pack out trash at Pirate's Cove this weekend. 15 people packed out a trash bag in their vehicles. At the end of the day, people began to come back from their hike unable to find trash. We all worked together to achieve a common goal, and that was inspiring!



We are continuing to bring awareness by taking this message across the entire country, as this issue is more pervasive than just San Luis Obispo, California. We need help cleaning all over the United States, and we aim to bring awareness towards mindfulness when it comes to taking care of our environment. The earth is our home. 

We are proving our point by creating a clean up in South Carolina on September 1st, as well as a Clean Up in California. Along our journey we will be stopping throughout the country, continuing to spread awareness about solution : "Pack Out All Trash." 

Along with the road trip to South Carolina, we have booked three music festivals and need to create 4,000 "Focus on Trash, Tokens of Inspiration." Each token hanging on a necklace will be a "Gift to Give." That means that the tokens are designed to provide an opportunity for those people to be able to continue the conversation about being mindful of our environment by sharing the "Focus On Trash" necklace with someone else.

If you want to help us with what we are trying to achieve begin to implement the "Pack Out All Trash" mentality into your own life. Be sure to have a container, or vessel with you when you go out for an adventure. As good stewards of our Earth, we should continue to teach people about this idea, so we can have a cleaner United States.

We need $1,000 for wire to created the needed 4,000 "Focus on Trash, Tokens of Inspiration." If you want to help us financially we have a gofundme link at the bottom of the page. 

Your help is greatly appreciated! 

"Focus on Trash, Token of Inspiration"

"Focus on Trash, Token of Inspiration"