The Big Picture

We are sharing and selling our art to raise money and awareness for organizations that are working on Positive Social Change Projects. This is our way of implementing gifting within the structure of a capitalism. 

Our goal is to provide inspiration and ideas about how we can all give back in ways that moves our globally connected society closer to sustainability. Gifting brings people together and it's a way for friends and families to develop more trusting and mutually beneficial relationships. The missions we are supporting are listed below. 

Threads of Hope

Threads of Hope is an non-profit organization working to empower vulnerable Filipino families by providing them with dignified work to support themselves. The hand-made crafts these families create are bought by Threads of Hope organization which can then be ordered by groups and people world-wide. Threads of Hope asks that 50% of the profits return, so the money can be re-invested into community projects and to support the artisans and their families. 

"A one-of-a-kind fundraising
opportunity with double impact."

Nomadic Artifacts has made an order from Threads of Hope, so we have an abundant selection of hand-made bracelets available for purchase. Find us at an upcoming event, or CONTACT us to buy a bracelet. We are happy to send the bracelets in the mail to you. 

Focus on Trash

"Focus on Trash" is a campaign created by Nomadic Artifacts designed to encourage the PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT mentality. We created bottle cap necklaces with our FOCUS spiral symbol as a GIFT TO GIVE, which means the necklaces are meant to be passed on to someone else. Our strategy was to provide people with a physical object that can act as a conversation starter to a subject that isn't that glamorous - picking up trash. 

"A gift to give"

 We hosted several beach clean up events at Pirate's Cove in San Luis Obispo in the summer of 2016 and we're hoping to continue the awareness in the summer of 2017. Please help us continue to spread awareness about the pack it out mentality : "Be The Change, Pack Out All Trash." 

If you are interested in supporting us, or looking to get involved with our mission please visit our GoFundMe to donate, or visit  our Facebook to volunteer.